Nuts-and-Bolts: Did They Just Ask That?!?!

As we discussed last week, reference checks are vitally important in validating that your top candidates are the right fit for the position and for your organization. It is equally important to know what questions to ask, and what questions to avoid, during these phone calls. There are always going to be some obstacles with getting quality answers from the contacts you have been provided, whether those road blocks are policy-driven or just an individual not willing to discuss details with you. (more…)

Warm Weather Wardrobes

Ahhh summer. Warm mornings followed by scorching afternoons that melt away winter wardrobes consisting of slacks, blazers, and stuffy suits. It is normal to want to stay cool during the hot summer months. Many organizations have workplace policies that prevent employees from wearing clothes that fall into the “casual” or revealing category.

Whatever the policy, there are bound to be employees who push the limits and try to get away with wearing clothes that test the boundaries. As managers, it is important to ensure that casual, summertime dress habits don’t negatively affect the workplace. It is possible to find a balance between maintaining a professional presentation to clients and colleagues while accommodating the inevitable requests for exceptions to the dress code policy. (more…)

Nuts-and-Bolts: Reference Checks: The What, Where, and Why

A top priority of any HR professional or manager should be building strong and trusting professional, human relationships, and maintaining and nurturing those relationships. Part of that priority is to ensure that the “Nuts and Bolts” of HR are both compliant and meet the needs of the organization. As an ongoing part of our goal to assist organizations with their HR needs, HRCentral will be producing, in addition to our other weekly blog posts, a “Nuts-and-Bolts” series of blog posts in which we will cover various items regarding compliance and business-related topics essential to every organization.

Nut-and-Bolts: Reference Checks: The What, Where, and Why

Employer’s often wonder if reference checks are worthwhile or simply a waste of time. What’s the point in asking the same questions again and again that are simply reiterating the information on a resume? For some hiring managers, this may be the case. But, when done correctly and for the right reasons, a reference check can prove to be an invaluable resource to assist in fitting the right person to the right job. (more…)

Ethics, Part Deux

Last week, we discussed what a “good work ethic” looks like in the workplace, and we asked the tough question, “What are you doing to implement good work ethics in your organization?”

On the road to proving that good work ethic isn’t dead, we need to put those ethics into practice and take a look at the bigger picture: How do your ethics affect your employees and customers? If your employees and customers were to give you a review on your work ethic…do you know how you would measure up in their eyes?

It comes down to respect and dignity for your employees and your customers. Unfortunately, there are very few companies out there that truly adhere to these good work ethics.  A recently-published article by 24/7 Wall St. titled “America’s Worst Companies to Work For” proves that ethics are hard to come by; employees anonymously reviewed their employers via, and the results were staggering. (more…)