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Hot Button Employee Issue #3: The Skater

For nearly three years, Tracy has been a wallflower. An employee who stands on the sidelines, does enough to not be recognized as a poor performer, but not quite enough to be praised and acknowledged. And she’s happy with that. She comes to work, does only what is...

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Your Manager’s Top 10!

Rose has been working with Scott for nearly seven years. Their organization has undergone a number of changes over the past few years, including changes with hiring/firing other employees, losing and gaining clients, and transitioning from one area of practice to...

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What Does Your Manager REALLY Want?

At the beginning of the year, we discussed what employees want from their employers/organizations, including perks such as flexible schedules and the opportunity to telecommute, autonomy in work and recognition, and opportunities for growth. These non-monetary...

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A Compromised Reached: Tip Pooling

On March 23rd, Congress passed their Omnibus Spending Bill which included a few components that impact the restaurant industry, particularly an amendment which addresses the highly debated topic of sharing and equally distributing tips. Tip pooling, when the servers’...

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Disaster Recovery: Part Deux

Last week, we discussed the importance of having a disaster recovery plan. Depending on the type of disaster your organization could potentially be faced with, developing a process for management and employees to follow in the event of a catastrophic event is vital to...

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Recovering from Disasters

Working at a popular theme park in the Southeast came with a unique set of challenges. When a Category 3 hurricane made landfall, a small seaside amusement park was struck hard. Damage caused by the storm surge and extreme wind gusts caused significant damage to rides...

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