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A Compromised Reached: Tip Pooling

On March 23rd, Congress passed their Omnibus Spending Bill which included a few components that impact the restaurant industry, particularly an amendment which addresses the highly debated topic of sharing and equally distributing tips. Tip pooling, when the servers’...

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Disaster Recovery: Part Deux

Last week, we discussed the importance of having a disaster recovery plan. Depending on the type of disaster your organization could potentially be faced with, developing a process for management and employees to follow in the event of a catastrophic event is vital to...

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Recovering from Disasters

Working at a popular theme park in the Southeast came with a unique set of challenges. When a Category 3 hurricane made landfall, a small seaside amusement park was struck hard. Damage caused by the storm surge and extreme wind gusts caused significant damage to rides...

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Optimistc Adaptation

When a merger resulted in a complete restructuring of the leadership team at the retail establishment Scott worked at, he had a difficult time working with the new members of management and new procedures regarding the chain of command. Already in an assistant manager...

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Change = A Constructive Challenge

Helen worked at a small consulting firm for nearly 7 years. When the company decided to downsize and move out of the property they were renting, employees were expected to transition to remote worksites (whether that be from home or an office they had access to). With...

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Change – A Necessary Evil

Change is one of those constants in life that the majority of us aren’t huge fans of. Change is also usually necessary and depending on the situation, can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. In the workplace, these transitions can range from promotions or...

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Opportunities for Growth

Each individual employee values different things in their work life. Perks such as autonomy and recognition are highly valued for some, while flexibility in schedules and opportunities to work remotely are sought after by others. Another incentive that is proven to...

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