Tips for Motivating Employees

Motivated employees can help build the success of your organization. As we discussed in last week’s post, “Managers versus Employees,” motivation can come from building and maintaining good relationships with your employees. But how do you motivate? Below are some methods that can increase motivation while boosting loyalty, productivity, and efficiency.  (more…)

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

We all feel it – the lethargy that comes when we return to work after a long weekend. Monday’s are always tough, but the Tuesday following a long, holiday weekend can be even more difficult to tackle. It can be hard to bounce back into work, to pick up where you left off, or begin new projects. We often wish we were still relaxing while productivity seems to take a hit as we catch up on emails and tasks. (more…)

Manager versus Employee

Most managers feel that there is a constant struggle between management and employees.  This perceived struggle often stems from attempts to motivate the employee to perform the tasks necessary to complete their job.  The real tragedy is most organizations don’t understand or don’t train managers on proper motivation techniques. (more…)

Good Bosses Understand Relationships

Every business is built on relationships.  Relationships with potential customers, relationships with vendors, and even relationships with the government.  What is commonly forgotten is the relationship between managers and their employees.  While the former can show an immediate impact to the bottom line, the latter is often overlooked because of the difficulty in quantifying the result.  The manager/employee relationship is critical to the bottom line.  A bad manager can create high turn-over, poor or no company and employee loyalty, or worse, increased legal liability. (more…)