Motivated employees can help build the success of your organization. As we discussed in last week’s post, “Managers versus Employees,” motivation can come from building and maintaining good relationships with your employees. But how do you motivate? Below are some methods that can increase motivation while boosting loyalty, productivity, and efficiency. 

#1 – Allow Employees to Exert Control over Their Work

A common fear amongst managers is losing control, but employees feel more respected when they are given an opportunity to make decisions. This will not only motivate the employee, but surveys indicate it also cuts employee and management stress levels. 

#2 – Praise Excellence Publicly and Privately

Recognition is free. If you acknowledge good work, employees will typically be motivated to repeat the excellence. Express the praise in public as well as in private. Brag about your employees’ good performance. All the money in the world cannot make an employee feel as elated as sincere praise.

#3 – Provide Opportunities to Learn and Grow both Personally and Professionally

Many employees want to grow professionally. Use professional training and other learning opportunities as rewards for fine work.  Take a genuine interest your employees’ career path and professional development and spend time each week mentoring employee’s as a reward for excellent performance.

#4 – Tie an Employee’s Performance to the Company’s Success

Employees are often motivated by seeing how their specific job impacts the organization. The more you can demystify the innards of your business and help your employees to track the way an organization succeeds, the more they will feel ownership in the organization.

These are just a few of the many techniques managers can use to keep their employees engaged and motivated. Motivated employees are less likely to leave the organization, are loyal, more productive, and are typically willing to go the extra mile. Get you know your employees and find out what motivates them. Highly motivated employees will work harder for not only you, but for themselves.