A Good Work Ethic: What Does It Even Look Like?

A Good Work Ethic. In this day and age, we hear this phrase thrown around a lot. Be it listed in job descriptions, reiterated by our bosses, included in workplace trainings, or simply tossed out in discussion by the water cooler, it is something we hear about, talk about, and read about. But, do we actually understand what it means, and what does it looks like to have a legitimately good work ethic while on the job? (more…)

The Choice of Leadership

Do you choose to be a leader? As managers, business owners, and employees, we have a choice of what we bring to the table every day. Whether you’re a CEO or the employee that empties the trash, you have the choice to be a leader.

Internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author John Maxwell once stated, “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.”

History is full of good leaders, but some of those leaders who were good at influencing their audience have led their countries or companies towards destructive and unethical actions. I define a good leader as someone who influences those around them and encourages behavior that aligns with positive and ethical goals. A true leader in an organization recognizes when behavior is outside of the organization’s goals or professional boundaries, and uses their “sphere of influence” to encourage those around them towards positive change. (more…)

Check Eeyore at the Door: Managing Your “Off” Days

We all have the occasional “bad day” at work. Try as we might, sometimes it just isn’t possible to leave the “Eeyore Cloud” at the door when coming to work. Most of the time, our moods are forgivable and forgettable. However, continued negativity in the workplace can have detrimental effects on maintaining an atmosphere conducive to productivity. It can also negatively impact your employees and coworkers. Managers and employees alike are found equally guilty in this sense; bad attitudes in the workplace don’t discriminate by hierarchy on the company totem pole. (more…)

Halo or Horn?

The Halo or Horn effect is the positive or negative perception we have regarding some of the individuals who we interact with.  In management, it is the psychological tendency to always see an employee favorably (Halo) or unfavorably (Horn).  How are you viewing your employees, coworkers, or managers?  (more…)