Nuts-and-Bolts: Discipline and Disabilities

For many employers (particularly smaller employers who do not meet the eligibility requirements for state and federal leave protections), the issue of how to discipline employees who are also protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a common question. How can you effectively apply performance or conduct standards to your employees, while not violating ADA regulations? (more…)

Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication is something that we all struggle with from time to time. Even the most eloquent of leaders hit road blocks. What matters is how we work past these barriers to effective communication. A first step in effective communication is to recognize what these hurdles are so we can better formulate plans to effectively handle situations in which something is not communicated in the most efficient of manners.  (more…)

I Don’t Know!

As a manager, or even as a professional, when was the last time you had to utter those dreaded words “I don’t know”?  When people rely on you to know the answers and to provide them with assurance, it can be difficult to inform them that you really don’t know the answer.  This can be amplified when the question is something that you feel you should already know the answer to, or you are worried that the questioner will think less of you if you don’t know the answer. (more…)