Upcoming FMLA Change – Does It Apply to You?

In the ever-changing and fast paced professional world we work in, one thing we must always be aware of is how our polices and procedures reflect the constantly evolving culture we live in. Federal and State labor and employment law is therefore, always changing and being updated to adapt and change to mirror these factors.   (more…)

Nuts-and-Bolts: ADA and the Accommodation Process

Any employer who is subject to the Federal American Disabilities Act (ADA) or the state equivalents (varies based on the state) needs to be aware that you could be liable if you do not properly handle all accommodation requests.

In this Nuts & Bolts Blog, we provide a brief overview of the accommodation process. If you feel that you must deny an accommodation request, you are encouraged to seek professional advice prior to denying the request. (more…)

Organization – Sticking With a System

None of us want to admit we’re disorganized, but the reality is that a large portion of the workforce is not nearly organized enough. P-Touch conducted a survey in 2010, demonstrating that employees looking for lost or misplaced items (only one consequence of disorganization) cost US organizations over 89 billion dollars. (more…)