The “Nuts-and-Bolts” of Record Retention

Record retention. An incredibly important part of running a successful business, record retention can apply to so many facets of your organization. Payroll, human resources, customer information, and so many more components of a business are inundated by data on a daily basis. How important is it to keep up-to-date records of all of this information, all of the paperwork that continues to pile up? (more…)

The Gentle Navigation of Bereavement

For the vast majority of individuals, the concept of “life must go on” is an incredibly difficult one to grasp when dealing with the immense grief associated with the loss of a loved one. Managing bereavement is difficult enough in our personal lives, but what do you as an employer do when dealing with bereavement in the workplace? (more…)

Performance Reviews: Informal or Formal?

Performance evaluations are (for some) an annual organizational requirement that many companies partake in. Some conduct annual performance reviews, conducting all evaluations for all employees at the same time each year. Some conduct performance evaluations at the anniversary date of each employee. A more increasing trend is conducting performance reviews on an as-needed basis, taking a more informal approach to the process.  (more…)