There are many traits that all good leaders should have in their arsenal of skills to effectively manage their employees and work well with individuals at all levels. Though not all inclusive, here are four of the top traits that every great leader should strive to excel in:

Impeccable Communication – Good leaders are good communicators. Great leaders are impeccable at communication. This means not only possessing a willingness to regularly talk to your employees about their needs and concerns, but more specifically the careful selection of what words you use, and how you articulate that message (tone of voice, body language, etc.).

Approachable – Being personable is one of those leadership traits that is vital to maintaining strong relationships with your employees. Strong leaders take a genuine interest in their employees, actively listen, and are empathetic and compassionate.

Trustworthy – Earning respect is a vital component in successfully leading your team. Actions that promote honesty and integrity such as being willing to dig in and work side by side with your employees when work needs to get done can help ensure that those levels of respect are built.

Personal Presentation – Presentation in the workplace is more than just your physical appearance and professional image. How you present yourself as a person, your positive personality, and your interactions with individuals at all levels can help elevate your interpersonal skills.

Read along this month as we further expand on each of these positive traits that each great leader should possess to be successful and well respected. Learn about how each of these traits positively impacts career development and professional relationships, and how to improve in each of these areas.