We all know them. The “pilemaniacs” of your team. The individuals whose desks are constantly covered with piles upon piles of documents, paperwork, and notes. Most of us have had moments where we have spent time looking for an important document, you KNOW it is somewhere in your office, but where the heck did you put it?!

This month we are going to discuss a variety of practical and proven skills and activities that can help you become a more effective manager through useful organizational techniques. We would all like to be more productive, to have more time to get work done. Through the application of a few of these organizational “clean up” methods, you can establish a work environment (both from a physical and time management standpoint) that encourages productivity and efficiency.

There are four critical areas that will we will address in this month’s series. Your work space, your paperwork, your tasks, and your time. Each of these areas can be well organized and run smoothly, or can end up being a source of stress and anxiety for you. We are striving to arm you with the resources to ensure the former is the primary occurrence in your office.

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