As we finish up this week and the last few days of 2016, it is a perfect time to reflect back on the past year, reviewing previous objectives, our accomplishments and milestones, and areas for continued improvement. In both our personal and professional lives, regularly taking an inventory of the good and the bad and setting goals accordingly keeps us on track and driven.

In the workplace, this can mean improving on areas such as time management, communication, and interpersonal skills. This also means a review of HR and employment-related documents that should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis, the start of the year being a perfect time to make any changes to employee handbooks and manuals, job descriptions, and employment forms as necessary for state and federal compliance.

The holidays provide many of us a chance to relax and recharge, preparing for a new year and a clean slate. A fresh start that provides the motivation necessary to succeed and strive to do our best. It is a common practice to put together a short or long-term “to do” list of sorts, detailing what you hope to accomplish in the new year, whether that be working on goals from the previous year, or striving to reach new heights and successes.

However, simply setting goals isn’t always quite enough to ensure the attainment of those end objectives. Continue reading next week as we discuss how to effectively set goals that hold you accountable and committed to reaching your end objective.

The HRCentral team wishes you a safe and happy New Year!