Performance evaluations used to be comprised of numerical rankings that that every employee, regardless of their position, was subject to once a year. Many organizations are taking a step back from this standard format and are taking a broader look at performance as it aligns with the individual and their job duties.

As HR Consultants, we have experience working with clients in a variety of industries and as such, have developed and implemented countless performance review systems depending on the unique culture of that company. Years ago, we worked with a client who wanted to develop a review system in which each expectation and job duty on the job description was ranked and reviewed. As you can imagine, this resulted in a very long and extensive performance evaluation. While this is not an approach we typically recommend our clients apply, the general concept of using the job description as part of the review results in an effective and thorough evaluation.

A performance review should be used as a means for improving performance and the job description can be a very useful tool in doing this. Used as a road map of sorts, this document can help managers review how the individual has met the general expectations of their job and can aid in setting objectives based on areas that warrant room for improvement. By using the job description in conjunction with an evaluation form, managers can effectively tailor each review to ensure that their employees (and as a result, the company) get the most out of their annual review.

While classic ranking systems are only slightly relevant to an employee’s actual work, implementing the job description and reviewing duties can also help with employee participation in this process. When the performance evaluation is more focused on the individual and their position, they have more buy in resulting in improved engagement and productivity. This also may prove to be a great opportunity to make necessary tweaks to the job description, making sure that it accurately reflects the position and actual job duties.

Using the job description to help guide you through performance evaluations can aid both the employee and the manager in navigating the review process in a way that is mutually beneficial. Contact HRCentral today to review your current evaluation process and job descriptions and see how a new approach can help take your system to the next level.