How much is true piece of mind worth to you? Like many mangers, executives, and business owners we have many things that keep us up at night. Finances, client satisfaction, sales, and employee management. What tools do you use to create that peace of mind that you seek?

Samantha, a store manager for a local business, has been up all night. Earlier in the day, Samantha overheard some of her employees discussing a recently separated employee who was filing a wrongful termination suit with the Department of Labor, alleging that she was discriminated against by Samantha because she took a leave of absence. Samantha knows this is not the case (the employee was terminated for performance-related issues that had been occurring both before and after her leave), but the thought of potentially being sued over this has caused a considerable amount of stress for Samantha.

The next day, Samantha went to HR to discuss what she had heard and to review the employee’s file, the Employee Handbook, and other applicable policies to determine if, during the course of the employee’s disciplinary documentation and subsequent termination, she had made a misstep or if policies were not followed. At that time, both Samantha and the HR Specialist contacted HRCentral.

After talking with their dedicated HR Professional and going over documents and policies, it was determined that Samantha and her company had done everything right during the course of this employee’s employment and disciplinary process. The Handbook was legally compliant and policies were clearly outlined (a result of their recent, annual Handbook update) and as HRCentral was consulted for assistance in drafting disciplinary warnings and the termination letter, all documents were equally compliant and clearly communicated.

Samantha was able to take a deep breath and felt far less stressed. Like so many managers in her position, these employee relations issues often pop up and it is incredibly difficult to turn off your brain and relax. Having HRCentral available to discuss the situation with alleviated any anxiety she had regarding the potential claims.

The peace of mind Samantha received from ensuring she took the right steps with her employees and having the reassurance from seasoned professionals is critical to her success. HRCentral focuses on helping our clients achieve that peace of mind. In addition to the compliance and legal aspects of HR (e.g. annual and periodic updates and reviews of HR-documents), many of our clients have long-term relationships with us because of that reassurance, because of that “peaceful, easy feeling” they receive in knowing that they are supported and always have someone to turn to with questions or situations that need addressed.