Compliance. That thing that most frequently comes to mind when we hear the words “Human Resources” and the thing that managers most fear when a ball is dropped and issues arise. Compliance is more than just making sure that you follow a certain set of rules. Organizations have to comply with State and Federal employment and labor law regulations, ADA and ADAAA requirements, OSHA guidelines, and all manner of benefit-related rules, not to mention however many industry and organization-specific policies and procedures the company has in place. How do you keep track of it all!?

After recently terminating their HR Manager for failing to perform the expectations of her job, a credit union with 5 branches and over 50 employees has realized that the HR office is a complete mess and is in dire need of some attention.

After attempting to find some documents in the office, the President discovered a number of regulations that had not been followed and countless compliance issues. Confidential paperwork was scattered in piles throughout the office, notices for unemployment had gone unopened for months, personnel files were not locked up nor appropriately organized, and other documents were not filled out or stored based on federal standards.

FMLA and state leaves of absence had not been properly administered or tracked, resulting in a number of disgruntled employees who were not notified nor did they receive the benefits they were entitled to. With potential suits looming, it was time to get the office and processes whipped into shape.

Having utilized HRCentral for some management training years ago, the President reached out and arranged to have an HR professional review and organize the chaotic space. Within a few days, HRCentral had reviewed, shredded, and organized the mountains of paperwork and personnel files, ensured confidential documents were properly filed and locked away, and had developed and implemented processes for leave administration and effective tracking for other systems.

Luckily, the office was organized before any major compliance or employee-related issues occurred, though this is not always the case. With our expertize in legal and compliance, HRCentral is able to tackle the stickiest problems, making sure that your company is compliant in every applicable way, giving you the peace of mind that we strive to provide to each and every client.