The “Nuts-and-Bolts” of human resources are all the black-and-white, day-to-day duties that HR associates and supervisors deal with on a regular basis. Things such as employee performance, disciplinary action, EEO tracking, leave administration, among other duties that tie into employee management make up this component of what HR does every day.

Last week, we discussed compliance and the legal aspects of human resources. Compliance correlates directly with the “nuts-and-bolts” of HR in that in order to perform one of those duties, say the administration of employee discipline, it is vital to have compliant processes and documents in place.

Mark has been having difficulties completing a number of the essential functions of his job due to excessive absences and tardiness. His frequently being late or leaving early has resulted in his work having to be handed to other employees as he does not have the time to complete those tasks. Sarah, his supervisor, has determined that it is time for corrective action, and refers to the Employee Handbook to review the policy for the disciplinary process.

Sarah consults with her HR Manager and HRCentral to draft the written warning. As she wants to address not only the issues surrounding Mark’s absences and tardiness, but also the essential functions of his job, she refers to his job description as well. Both the Handbook and the Job Description (both prime examples of compliance) are up to date and clearly written, providing Sarah the resources to effectively manage her employee, and allowing her and the HR manager to perform this “nuts-and-bolts” aspect of HR effortlessly.

HRCentral works with its clients on these “nuts-and-bolts” issues every day. Whether the situation surrounds administering employee discipline, putting together a performance improvement plan, helping an employee go out on a leave of absence, or recruiting for a new position, HRCentral can help you navigate the day-to-day issues that arise as well as the more serious problems that pop up infrequently. Having compliant documents in place will always help make these “nuts-and-bolts” tasks that much easier to manage.