This month, we have been discussing our HR philosophy, explaining how legal and compliance and the “nuts-and-bolts” of human resources are vital components of what we as HR professionals do every day, but do not fully define what we believe HR truly is. HR = Human Relationships.

This definition means that the human resource department’s overarching goal is cultural and professional relationship development that helps drive the organization towards their mission and vision. HR professionals are tasked with ensuring that the relationships employees have with the organization and with one another all function cohesively. We believe that HR should focus on employee engagement and building relationships between managers and their employees, and not just the “black and white” side of human resources.

In our modern business setting, professional relationships have become critical to the survival of organizations. How many clients or successful employees have come about due to a professional relationship? Within your organization, your success as a manager depends on how well everyone (from employees to executives to receptionists) interacts.

This is where HRCentral steps in. In addition to assisting you with the legal and compliance and the nuts-and-bolts of HR, we specialize in helping you provide your managers with the tools and resources you need to engage and empower your employees to ensure the development of these mutually beneficial relationships.

Establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial and productive relationships with your employees doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. With the right resources, knowledge, tools, and support in place, developing and managing employees at an individual level or strengthening the relationships between a dynamic group of employees can be an effortless and successful process that will help your organization alleviate unnecessary conflict, focus on customer and client satisfaction, and be the successful organization it has the potential to be.  At the end of the day, your employees are not just a resource, they are a mutually beneficial relationship that can help drive your organization forward.

HR is Human Relationships. THAT is HRCentral.