After being in his position as a Team Lead for nearly 3 years, Scott was getting increasingly restless. He had expressed some interest in a promotion to a Department Head to his supervisor, but the position required certain certifications and industry training that Scott had yet to accomplish. Feeling discouraged, he put this aspiration on the back burner, resulting in his current feelings of boredom and stagnation.

An all too common scenario, it is easy for employees to reach the point in their careers where they feel they have given all they can give and have hit the height of what their position has to offer them, so what’s the point in putting forth the maximum effort any longer? Continuing training and education helps ensure that there is an ongoing feeling of accomplishment and sense of worth, resulting in a number of benefits for the employer and the organization:

Loyalty and Retention – It’s no secret that happy employees are more likely to stick around for lengthier periods of time. Many individuals view opportunities for continuing education (either within or outside the organization such as on-the-job training or a course at a community college) as a benefit. Perks such as these provide your company with a competitive edge with the goal of retaining loyal employees for the long haul.

Higher Levels of Productivity – More engaged employees are proven to be more motivated in their positions, resulting in higher performing individuals who provide better service to your customers and clients. To ensure mutually beneficial results, provide options for training in areas that benefit your organization including cross and on-the-job training.

Knowledge = Marketability – The more your employees know, the more they can do. The more they can do, the more valuable they are both to your organization and as an individual. Well-rounded employees are more marketable and provide you with a larger pool of talent ready and available to recruit into positions of management or those requiring specific skills.

There are countless additional employer benefits to providing continuing education to your employees, but on the flip side, it benefits your employees as individuals. Giving your employees this opportunity helps them as it increases their personal development, their feelings of self-worth and esteem, and increases their employment options in the long run, whether that be a transfer or promotion within your company or in the industry in general. Follow us next week as we discuss the various methods of continuing education, and the different ways this can be applied and pursued.