A rapidly growing hazelnut farm in the Willamette Valley has had a pressing need for recruiting honest and dependable laborers in recent months. With peak growing season upon them, management posted for the job via a number of online and local outlets, but the quality of applicants has been subpar at best. Those applicants that did end up getting hired turned out to be unreliable, frequently calling in “sick” or not showing up at all. With attendance a top priority during the crucial summer months when it comes to production, management has reached the point of desperation for hiring employees who will stick around and provide quality work.

Hiring for any position can be a gamble. So many applicants shine during the interview process and look wonderful on paper, but after a few weeks you realize that a) the skills they sold you on are far less amazing then they divulged, b) they fail to effectively onboard and train for the position, or c) they simply aren’t a good fit for your organization. Whatever the reason, effectively advertising for a job is a crucial first step in recruiting star talent. Where do you start?

Draft Accurate Job Descriptions – Prior to posting for a job, it is vital that you have an established job description for the position. There are many components to a job description that are important, but having clearly outlined essential functions and skills/experience and education applicable to the position to communicate to applicants will ensure that you attract individuals who will be able to fulfill those needs.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket – Often we will have a great feeling about the first person who interviews for a job. While first impressions are important, it is also important to give yourself options. Narrowing your options down by not interviewing enough interested candidates can significantly limit your chances of recruiting the best individual for the job.

Post in Multiple Locations – Just as it is important to give yourself options with the number of applicants who pass the initial screening, it is important to post in a number of outlets as well. Only posting on a single website or local board may limit the caliber and type of applicant you may be attracting. The more choices you have, the more selective you can be in moving those applicants on to the next stage of the hiring process.

Knowing specifically what you want is a crucial first step in recruiting efforts, second only to knowing how to get it. By keeping your options open and posting in the most effective places for that particular job, you can afford to be picky to ensure that only the best candidates move forward for in-person interviews and assessments. HRCentral specializes in assisting employers with the recruitment and onboarding process. Contact us today to see how we can help you attract the best individuals for your organization.

Next week, we will dive into the interview process, and will discuss how to effectively interview during these initial stages to save your organization time and resources with the goal of only advancing those star candidates.