The start of the new year has many of us motivated to make positive changes in our lives, both on a personal and a professional level. At work, January often provides employers with a chance to take a step back and review any internal policies and processes that your organization has in place, and determine if any modifications are warranted for efficiency, compliance, and best practices. In a nutshell, reviewing and preparing for a more thorough HR audit.

Items that warrant a go-over include:

  • Employee Handbook – January is fairly standard for handbook reviews as the start of the year is typically when state and federal agencies release any updates and changes to governing law and regulations applicable to employers. Take a look at any updates that have been made in your state and at the federal level to ensure compliance with employment and labor law, and to make certain all polices are adequately updated.
  • Job Descriptions – A document that is habitually forgotten about once the initial copy is drafted and put in place, job descriptions should be reviewed regularly to make any changes needed to ensure that the essential functions accurately reflect the work actually being done. The scope of work for so many employees and positions changes.
  • Internal Processes/Systems – The culture of an organization is something that is always changing with the times. As such, it is important to take frequent looks at how you manage your employees, what processes work and what ones don’t, and how systems can be modified to encourage productivity and loyalty.

Making the time to do periodic reviews to documents, processes, and policies can save you a ton of time in the long run and can help ensure that your HR and employment-related documents are always compliant and up to date. Follow along in our next post as we discuss how to properly review those HR and employment-specific documents (including form I-9s, new hire documentation, medical paperwork, etc.), to ensure compliance with retention and destruction guidelines.

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