November – The Month for Gratitude

November – The Month for Gratitude

Ahh November! That special month out of the year when we reflect on those people and things we are most grateful for. A time for being present and mindful, and appreciating the good. Mixing things up a bit from our regular HR-themed blog posts, I would like to take a moment to reflect on something I am personally thankful for: my amazing team at HRCentral.

For over 8 years I have been fortunate to call HRCentral my home away from home, all thanks to our fearless leader, David Noland. CEO of our company for nearly a decade, David is the epitome of what it means to be a great manager. Especially in the human resources field, we hear many “worst case scenarios” of examples of bad management, and provide extensive trainings on how to be a good manager and what not to do. David certainly practices what he preaches!

His unyielding trust, encouragement of my professional development, providing fair and constructive feedback, and always being there when I need any assistance has helped me grow in my knowledge and confidence in this position and field. I can truly say I would not be where I am today without his support and guidance, and I am so thankful that I can call David not only my leader, but my friend.

As we continue this month, lets all take the time to reflect on what we are personally thankful for, both in our personal and professional lives. Follow along in our next post as we discuss how to appropriately show your appreciation and gratitude in the workplace, whether you’re a manager or an employee, during this special time of the year.

Christina Varga, PHR
VP HR Specialist – HRCentral Corporation

The Benefits of the Barbecue

The Benefits of the Barbecue

The dog days of summer provide employers with a great opportunity to show their employees some appreciation, why not with a good ole’ company picnic?! In today’s workforce climate, we are constantly reading articles and hearing horror stories warning us of what “not to do” when it comes to appropriately engaging with your employees. However, cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with and amongst your employees should still be a goal. Making certain that no lines are crossed, there are countless benefits to letting your employees know how much the are valued:

Higher Levels of Morale – Happy employees are simply more fun to work with. Picnics are known for boosting spirits and providing a much-needed break. The positive and uplifting pause in the daily grind is bound to put a smile on the face of even the most negative of employees.

Higher Levels of Productivity – High morale leads to higher levels of productivity. When an employee feels good about the organization they work for, they are in turn going to be more loyal and produce more quality work. Long term loyalty is invaluable and putting your employees first on these appreciation days is a no brainer when it comes to the pay off.

Builds Teamwork – Consider having team-themed games. What better way to work on working together than with classic races and games which require building trust and relying on one another?

Learning New Things – A chance for you to get to know your employees in a more casual and relaxed setting, take the time to mingle! With guards down, you may learn new things about your employees such as senses of humor, fun quirks, and hidden talents.

Take advantage of the warm summer months and throw a company picnic or barbecue! These get togethers seem to be a thing of the past, but think back to the last one you went to. Burgers and hotdogs on the grill, watermelon and cupcakes, and often with entertainment such as balloon animals, face painting, or a bouncy house for the kids. Happy memories, right?

Letting your employees know how much they are valued is a vital part of managing a business. These picnics or low key get togethers can really bring individuals and their families together, ensuring a safe and PG way for your employees to bond and build camaraderie, while feeling that their employer cares enough about them and their families to provide them with such an event.