Nuts-And-Bolts: Anti-Bullying Legislation for the New Year

In the HR world, the start of a new year means change. Changes to policies, changes to procedures, and annual updates as needed to ensure compliance with state, federal, and industry-related regulations. No exception to this transition from one year to the next, 2015 is bringing with it a number of changes that will impact both your employees and your organization as a whole. California is leading the pack in implementing one change that has affected many organizations in recent years and is tackling the ongoing issue of “bullying” head on.  (more…)

Do You Have a Bully in Your Midst?

The term “bullying” has been a dominant topic in the news and media in recent years. Because of the focus on bullies in schools or similar settings, it is easy to overlook the fact that bullying comes in many forms and can pop up in a variety of locations, such as the workplace.  (more…)