I Don’t Know!

As a manager, or even as a professional, when was the last time you had to utter those dreaded words “I don’t know”?  When people rely on you to know the answers and to provide them with assurance, it can be difficult to inform them that you really don’t know the answer.  This can be amplified when the question is something that you feel you should already know the answer to, or you are worried that the questioner will think less of you if you don’t know the answer. (more…)

You Did WHAT?!?!

Your largest client just called you asking where their shipment is and you don’t have an answer.  With a little research, you can’t find any record that the shipment ever went out. Just yesterday you confirmed with your employee, Jonas, that the shipment went out. When you approach Jonas, he looked through his records and finally hung his head and said, “I must not have put it in.” While this scenario may not be exactly what we have experienced in the past, the concept and sinking feeling produced by a major mistake in our stomachs is the same. (more…)