Nuts-and-Bolts: Holiday Parties and Celebrations

During the holiday season, many organizations use this as an opportunity to have an office holiday party or celebration, showing appreciation for their employees and allowing them an opportunity to relax and enjoy one another’s company. There are a number of pitfalls that managers can run into when throwing any party, but especially during this time of year when so many religious holidays are prevalent it is important to keep a few things in mind when planning your holiday get together: (more…)

Are They Allowed to Wear That??? — Halloween Costumes in the Workplace

A holiday that many look forward to every year, Halloween gives children and adults alike an opportunity to kick back and enjoy dressing up and have a good time. In the workplace, many organizations allow their employees to participate in the holiday, granting exceptions to existing policies pertaining to attire and appearance. When it comes to costumes and dressing up in the workplace, it is important to find a balance between allowing your employees to enjoy themselves and have a good time, while maintaining company standards. Here are a few guidelines to help you find that balance: (more…)