Performance Reviews: Informal or Formal?

Performance evaluations are (for some) an annual organizational requirement that many companies partake in. Some conduct annual performance reviews, conducting all evaluations for all employees at the same time each year. Some conduct performance evaluations at the anniversary date of each employee. A more increasing trend is conducting performance reviews on an as-needed basis, taking a more informal approach to the process.  (more…)

The Mid-Year Review

June marks the halfway point in the year and serves as a great time to reevaluate our personal and professional goals and objectives, and take a step back and review where we are at, and what we need to do. Many of us start the new year out with a list of “to do” items; with an agenda filled with projects to complete, tasks to accomplish, and objectives to meet. (more…)

Nuts-and-Bolts: Feedback – Effective or Inefficient?

We recently discussed the topic of feedback and outlined some of the basics regarding the importance of providing feedback that aligns with the goals of the individual and the organization. As feedback can often have negative connotations and can be associated with nonconstructive criticism, it is important to learn how to give feedback in an efficient and effective manner that best benefits both the employer and the employee.  (more…)