Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s that time of year. Summer is rapidly closing in on us and the skies are starting to slowly open up. With the advent of fall (or at least fall-like weather), driving conditions can get hairy. First rains often mean slippery roads, as a summer’s worth of oil and other spills on roads mix with rain, creating a less than ideal driving situation. With the weather changing, now is a great time to review your company’s policies on using mobile devices while driving. Many states have “hands free” laws in place, and adhering to these laws is especially vital when the weather does not cooperate.  (more…)

Nuts-and-Bolts: I-9 Compliance Updates

Filling out the Form I-9 is a standard part of the hiring process, a way of verifying the identity and employment authorization for employees who are hired to work in the United States (both citizens and non citizens). Every employer in the U.S. is required to ensure that I-9 forms are properly and accurately completed by the employee, and that the employer section is filled out as well. I-9 forms are to be stored in a location separate from employee personnel files, and retained for a period of three years after the date of hire, or one year after termination, whichever is longer, and made accessible for inspection by authorized government officials, in the event of an audit.  (more…)

I Don’t Know!

As a manager, or even as a professional, when was the last time you had to utter those dreaded words “I don’t know”?  When people rely on you to know the answers and to provide them with assurance, it can be difficult to inform them that you really don’t know the answer.  This can be amplified when the question is something that you feel you should already know the answer to, or you are worried that the questioner will think less of you if you don’t know the answer. (more…)

Nuts-and-Bolts: So You Need a New Employee?

In our last two “Nuts-and-Bolts” blog posts, we discussed the purpose of conducting reference checks and what questions to ask/not ask during these reference checks. Let’s take a step back and explore how to select the right candidate for the position. After your organization posts a job, the emails and resumes typically start flooding in. There are typically two factors that are the most important to consider: the candidate’s fit for the role and their fit within the organization. (more…)