Change – A Necessary Evil

Change is one of those constants in life that the majority of us aren’t huge fans of. Change is also usually necessary and depending on the situation, can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. In the workplace, these transitions can range from promotions or demotions, new management, moving locations, different projects or workloads, or working with new and different people.

This month, we will discuss the necessary evil that is change, and how such alterations to our work lives can provide us with an opportunity to better ourselves. Rather than causing unnecessary stress, make the most out of this period of adjustment. There are countless benefits that can be experienced both at the organizational and individual level during a period of change, particularly when you look at the positive outcomes rather than the negatives.

Here at HRCentral, we are undergoing a significant change of our own! We are closing the offices we have been located at since our founding in 1989. For us, such a huge change is providing us with the opportunity to focus on new objectives for our Company and allows us all to reevaluate individual goals and how to make the most out of this transition.

Drawing from our own recent experiences, follow along this month as we talk about how to effectively manage change in the workplace. Every organization is unique and knowing how to work with your employees to ensure that even the most minor of changes are executed in a smooth and seamless manner is vital to success. Change has the ability to cause substantial failure, or significant accomplishments; let’s work together to ensure we all experience the latter!