Ethics, Part Deux

Last week, we discussed what a “good work ethic” looks like in the workplace, and we asked the tough question, “What are you doing to implement good work ethics in your organization?”

On the road to proving that good work ethic isn’t dead, we need to put those ethics into practice and take a look at the bigger picture: How do your ethics affect your employees and customers? If your employees and customers were to give you a review on your work ethic…do you know how you would measure up in their eyes?

It comes down to respect and dignity for your employees and your customers. Unfortunately, there are very few companies out there that truly adhere to these good work ethics.  A recently-published article by 24/7 Wall St. titled “America’s Worst Companies to Work For” proves that ethics are hard to come by; employees anonymously reviewed their employers via, and the results were staggering. (more…)

A Good Work Ethic: What Does It Even Look Like?

A Good Work Ethic. In this day and age, we hear this phrase thrown around a lot. Be it listed in job descriptions, reiterated by our bosses, included in workplace trainings, or simply tossed out in discussion by the water cooler, it is something we hear about, talk about, and read about. But, do we actually understand what it means, and what does it looks like to have a legitimately good work ethic while on the job? (more…)