Change = A Constructive Challenge

Helen worked at a small consulting firm for nearly 7 years. When the company decided to downsize and move out of the property they were renting, employees were expected to transition to remote worksites (whether that be from home or an office they had access to). With 2 small children at home, working from home presented a huge challenge to Helen. Rather than becoming overly stressed at the prospect of telecommuting, Helen focused on the positives of the situation, and was able to work out her childcare situation, work projects, and time management to ensure that she handled this substantial change in the most efficient manner possible.

Significant changes in our lives can result in 2 very different outcomes. Change has the power to make us feel overwhelmed and anxious, or can provide us with an opportunity to better ourselves. Particularly with change in the workplace, considerable changes can be challenging. Challenges can be constructive however, and approaching such alterations to our work lives with a positive and constructive outlook can result in both personal and professional growth.

Adaptation can be hard, and a good place to start is putting yourself in the right mindset. Challenge yourself to view change as a positive thing and that it is within our power to not allow it to affect us negatively. Focusing your efforts on viewing change not as a threat, but as an opportunity to evolve, learn, and develop further is a positive first step in making the most out of the circumstances we are presented with.

Next week, we will further discuss how to use this newfound mindset to make the most out of the period of adjustment. How do you grow from a situation that, at one time, could have resulted in a loss of engagement and motivation?