Post It – 2017 Labor Law Posters

Every employee in the United States should recognize those official looking and hard to read posters in the break room.  And every employer should be updating those posters every year.  Even though many employees (and employers) don’t read these posters, those that have questions regarding their rights can look to these posters rather than searching online–which often provides conflicting information.

The purpose behind these posters is to ensure that every employee is informed of his or her rights.  These rights include minimum wage standards, OSHA, FMLA, etc.  As laws change and standards are updated both federally and at the State level these posters also need to be updated to comply.  HRCentral recommends updating your posters at the beginning of each year as many laws take effect around that time, and you should also post updates through-out the year (usually 1 to 2 depending on law changes).  Updates to these posters should be applied when they take effect, not earlier or later.

The basic law says these posters must be posted in a location where employees and applicants have an opportunity to view them.  If you have remote employees who work from home, you can post readable images on a company intranet/extranet or send them a poster.

This year there are several updates to the poster; highlighted below is just two of the major Federal changes that need to be updated (most states have changes as well, including minimum wage postings):


  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – These updates include new regulation revisions as of August 2016 including text regarding nursing mothers and overtime rules.
  • Employee Polygraph Notice – Revisions to the contact numbers and removal of the penalty amount up to $ 10,000

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